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CTY Prep Camp

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SY Academy’s CTY prep program is a short-term program focused on SCAT/SSAT test prep and the American education system. The CTY camp, operated by Johns Hopkins University, is an opportunity given only to the top 5% of talented youth, with students needing to score highly on the SCAT (SSAT) to apply. Overview The CTY camp is an internationally renowned camp for talented youth that was founded by Johns Hopkins University that has discovered talented people such as the founders of Facebook and Google. Being accepted to the CTY program gives the student an edge in applying to prestigious high schools. Schedule Overview Summer Program (3 weeks/6 weeks), Winter Program (4 weeks/8 weeks) Schooling / Summer camp at a prestigious private school SCAT (SSAT) exam prep sessions Tour of Silicon Valley, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other elite universities SCAT (SSAT) test prep Taking the SCAT exam and receiving the required score Customized CTY program counseling and application assistance College/career path counseling Why should I participate in CTY? 1. CTY participants are guaranteed recommendation letters for college applications 2. CTY participants are acknowledged as the world’s top 5% of talented youth, which makes it easier to be accepted by schools at all levels 3. CTY participants may take online courses Why SY Academy? 1. For the past 8 years, SY Academy’s CTY prep programparticipants have had a 100% acceptance rate into the CTY camp. 2. SY’s unique test prep methods from many years of analyzing the SCAT exam properly prepares students to score well on their SCAT exam. 3. Assistance with the Johns Hopkins CTY camp registration and application process

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