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Certification and Internship: Accounting

UC Berkeley UCB University of California Berkeley UCLA UC Los Angeles UC San Diego UCSD UC Davis University of California Davis School of Education UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz UCSB UCSC UC Irvine UCI UC Merced UCM UCR UC Riverside NYU New York University Transfer to NYU Transfer to New York University UC Transfer Transfer Admission Guarantee What is Transfer Admission Guarantee Transfer to USC University of Southern California Precollege Pre-college program at UC Summer Precollegiate Program UC Berkeley Pre-Collegiate Program UC Davis Precollege Prorgam UCLA Precollege UC Berkeley Summer Sessions UCLA Summer Sessions UC Transfer Program Guided UC Transfer Program Transferring to a UC from a community college Transferring to a UC from a California CC UC Transfer requirement How to transfer to UC Berkeley Benefits of UC Transfer Getting into UC Berkeley International Transfer Can I transfer to UC Berkeley from Is it possible to transfer to UCLA Sophomore transfer Do I start as a junior in UC Berkeley Certificate UC Berkeley Extension Business Program TOEFL What kind of TOEFL score do I need to transfer UCLA Extension Certificate Program UC Davis Extension Certificate Program UC Berkeley Nursing Program UCLA Nursing Program UC Davis Nursing Program UC Transfer Application Accounting The Accounting Certificate Program consists of approximately 15-30 units of accounting classes that will equip students to work in entry level accounting positions. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree may use the classes from this program toward fulfilling the educational requirement for the CPA exam. Those trained in accounting has career options far beyond becoming a CPA, from being a personal bookkeeper to an accountant of a major corporation. Because of its versatility, prestige and high pay, accounting as a career has been popular in America for decades. Available Campuses: Berkeley City College, UC Berkeley Extension, UCLA Extension, UC San Diego Extension, UC Davis Extension, UC Santa Cruz Extension Offered Certification: Certificate of Proficiency, Associate of Art Median Salary: $45K - 100K UC Berkeley Extension UGBA XB102A Introduction to Financial Accounting UGBA XBW102A Introduction to Financial Accounting UGBA XB102B Introduction to Managerial Accounting UGBA XBW102B Introduction to Managerial Accounting BUS ADM X421.1 Intermediate Accounting I BUS ADM X421.2 Intermediate Accounting II BUS ADM X420.6 Accounting Ethics BUS ADM X421.3 Advanced Accounting 2 Elective Courses UCLA Extension MGMT X 120A Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice MGMT X 120B Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice MGMT X 120C Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice MGMT X 124A Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice MGMT X 124B Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice MGMT X 127 Federal Income Taxation MGMT X 422 Management Accounting MGMT X 423 Financial Auditing MGMT X 423.2 Internal Auditing MGMT X 423.422 Ethics in Accounting UC San Diego Extension BUSA 40036 Elementary Accounting I BUSA 40037 Elementary Accounting II BUSA 40094 Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice I BUSA 40035 Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice II BUSA 40049 Cost Accounting BUSA 40047 Federal Individual Income Taxation BUSA 40529 Taxation of the Business Entity BUSA 40034 Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice BUSA 40048 Auditing UC Davis Extension Required Courses Principles of Financial Accounting Intermediate Accounting: Part I Intermediate Accounting: Part II Principles of Cost Accounting Elective Courses Financial Statement Analysis Auditing Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations Forensic Accounting I Individual Income Taxation Business Law Ethics in the Workplace Ethics in Accounting UC Irvine Extension ECON X420.11 Financial Accounting ECON X420.12 Management Accounting ECON X420.10 Accounting in Business ECON X420.13 Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice I ECON X420.14 Intermediate Accounting Theory and Practice II ECON X420.15 Individual Federal Income Taxation ECON X420.16 Corporate Federal Income Taxation ECON X420.17 Auditing ECON X420.18 Accounting Information Systems ECON X420.19 Advanced Accounting UC Santa Cruz Extension Introduction to Accounting I: Financial Accounting Introduction to Accounting II: Managerial Accounting Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II Berkeley City College BUS 1A Financial Accounting BUS 1B Managerial Accounting BUS 2 Introduction to Business Law BUS 5 Human Relations in Business BUS 10 Introduction to Business BUS 19 Business Communications BUS 24 Computerized Accounting Principles BUS 56 Introduction to Human Resources Management CIS 1 Introduction to Computer Information Systems CIS 42A Spreadsheet Applications I CIS 42B Spreadsheet Applications II
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