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Who We Are: SY Academy, Inc.

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Mission Statement It is SY Academy, Inc.’s mission to prepare students for a life of purpose, personal fulfillment, and social responsibility by inspiring excellence in scholarship and character. SY Academy, Inc. fulfills its mission of helping students reach their personal goals and aspirations through customized educational service, programming, and guidance/counseling. Company Overview Since 1996, through customized and collaboration-based programming, SY Academy, Inc. has striven to develop and maintain valued services for its students, from elementary to the graduate school level and beyond. SY Academy, Inc. currently conducts business in twelve countries and runs operations from home offices in four countries. Along with its three office locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, SY Academy, Inc. also runs programs and outreach from its branch offices in Seoul (South Korea), Beijing (China), and Tokyo (Japan). SY Academy, Inc. currently operates forty programs during the calendar year, ranging from summer session programs at prestigious university campuses to personalized SY camps and yearlong schooling. Based on its strategic partnerships with various prestigious institutions, such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, and the Peralta Colleges, SY Academy, Inc. has developed a number of core programs that are easily customizable and tailored to fulfill the needs of its students. Furthermore, through rigorous development, deployment, and continual operation of personalized programming over the past 20 years, SY Academy, Inc. provides educational value and institutional experience unparalleled in the private education market.

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