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CTY Program?

The Center for Talented Youth (CTY) was created in 1979 at the Johns Hopkins University for the purpose of gifted education. 

The CTY program offers courses in liberal arts and curriculum, leadership courses, 

and may qualify for International Giftedness through the International Talent Search test. 

Only being qualified to participate here will be recognized as a student in the top 5%, 

which has a positive impact on enrolling in prestigious private schools and college admissions.


Benefits of the CTY Program

The CTY program is a program of excellent, diverse students from around the world. 

With excellent students participating in this program, students will be able to experience special experiences and 

understand the level of academic ability of the students while carrying out various programs such as curriculum completion, 

leadership program, and international gifted and talented. 

You can also record activities that stand out in college applications.


Participate in the CTY Program?

In order to participate in the CTY Program, 

the SCAT for grades 2 to 6 and the junior high school 1st and 2nd graders must take the SAT and score within the top 5%.


The SY Academy, which is the official reception desk for CTY, provides to students with the opportunity to participate in the CTY camp 

without difficulty by operating a CTY preparation course for solving schooling, tutoring, gifted camp reception and administration in the US.

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